Ubicat provides logistical and technical support for your photo and video productions. Wheter you are looking for full production services or just a fixer, we are here to help to land your project in Spain. Our experienece of more than 20 years in the business allows us to offer the most efficient service to fulfil your needs. We kindly invite you to have a look at some of our works below, and to check our clients and some locations that may inspire you. Please feel free to contact us with any request.

Posrche by Christian Schlüter

The Gentlewoman by Daniel Riera

Nissan NV300 by Jonh Dickey

Mango by Daniel Riera

Postbank by Jochen Manz

Mango by Coke Batrina

L'Officiel by Pascal Gambarte

Seat by John Dickey

MAX Fashion by Harry Vorsteher

Nissan Navarra by John Dickey

L'Officiel by Lin

Puiforcat by Daniel Riera

Postbank by Jochen Manz

CQ by Detlef Schneider

Aldi  by Harry Vorsteher

Stihl by Andreas Hempel

Infineon by Jehle/Will

Seat by Anja Jahn

Elle by Marcin Tyszka

Agent of Art by Peer Brecht

Nissan by John Dickey

Mini Collection by Toni Kelly

Apart by Marcin Tyszka

Seat by Anja Jahn

Fantastic Man by Daniel Riera

Loewe by Daniel Riera

Goretex by Stephan Schuetz

Marie Claire by Marcin Tyszka

Skoda by John Dickey

GQ by Daniel Riera

Stihl Kalender by Robert Grischek

Adidas Porsche Design by Detlef Schneider

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